Operating Instructions


The principle of operating instructions is to avoid the danger of employees which perform technical, chemical, biological or genetic engineering procedures and work. It is therefore necessary to supplement the technical protective measures with organizational measures and safety-related behavior of the employees. These must be thought through in advance and laid down for the operation of facilities and use of substances. Accordingly, dangers for the specific individual case need to be summarized in operating instructions.

Depending on the type of activity, the following color code has been enforced for the operating instructions:

• Orange: hazardous substances (can be generated automatically via DaMaRIS)

• Blue: work equipment, work processes, machines, systems

• Yellow: genetic engineering systems

• Green: biological agents

The creation of operating instructions is a general duty of the employer. It is included in

• § 4 Arbeitsschutzgesetz

• §9 para. 1 and §12 para. 1 Arbeitsschutzgesetz

• § 9 Betriebssicherheitsverordnung § Abs. 1 Unfallverhütungsvorschrift

• § 14 Gefahrstoffverordnung

The Technical Standard for Hazardous Substances TRGS 555 "Operating instructions and information for employees" contains special instructions for the preparation of operating instructions when handling hazardous substances. Important: The operating instructions do not release from an oral obligation to instruct new employees and students. This must be documented and signed as usual.

last modified: 07.06.2019