Publikationen 2017

(204)“Development of Erasin: a chromone-based STAT3 inhibitor which induces apoptosis in Erlotinib-resistant lung cancer cells”
C. Lis, S. Rubner, M. Roatsch, A. Berg, T. Gilcrest, D. Fu, E. Nguyen, A.-M. Schmidt, H. Krautscheid, J. Meiler, T. Berg
Scientific Rep. 7 (2017) 17390

(203)“A Combined Continuous Wave Electron Paramagnetic resonance and DFT calculations of copper-doped 3[Cd0.98Cu0.02(prz-trz-ia)] metal–organic framework”
A. Kultaeva, T. Biktagirov, J. Bergmann, L. Hensel, H. Krautscheid, A. Pöppl
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19 (2017) 31030-31038
DOI: 10.1039/C7CP06420A

(202)“Zinc Tin Chalcogenide Complexes and Their Evaluation as Molecular Precursors for Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) and Cu2ZnSnSe4 (CZTSe)”
D. Fuhrmann, S. Dietrich, H. Krautscheid
Inorg. Chem. 56 (2017) 13123-1313

(201)“Exploration of a Variety of Copper Molybdate Coordination Hybrids Based on a Flexible Bis(1,2,4-triazole) Ligand: A Look through the Composition-Space Diagram”
G. A. Senchyk, A. B. Lysenko, K. V. Domasevitch, O. Erhart, S. Henfling, H. Krautscheid, E. Rusanov, K. W. Kramer, S. Decurtins, S.-X. Liu
Inorg. Chem. 56 (2017) 12952-12966

(200)“Synthesis, characterization, crystal structure, and DFT studies of a cis dioxo -vanadium(V) complex containing a tridentate (NNO) Schiff base ligand”
N. Lotfi, I. Sheikhshoaei, S. Y. Ebrahimipour, H. Krautscheid
J. Mol. Struct. 1149 (2017) 432-438

(199)“Lasing in cuprous iodide microwires”
M. Wille, E. Krüger, S. Blaurock, V. Zviagin, R. Deichsel, G. Benndorf, L. Trefflich, V. Gottschalch, H. Krautscheid, R. Schmidt-Grund, M. Grundmann
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111 (2017) 031105
DOI: 10.1063/1.4990524

(198)“Copper iodide synthesized by iodization of Cu-films and deposited using MOCVD“
V. Gottschalch, S. Blaurock, G. Benndorf, J. Lenzner, M. Grundmann, H. Krautscheid
J. Cryst. Growth 471 (2017) 21-28

(197)“A series of robust copper-based triazolyl isophtalate MOFs: impact of linker functionalization on gas sorption and catalytic activity”
U. Junghans, M. Kobalz, O. Erhart, H. Preißler, J.Lincke, J. Möllmer, H. Krautscheid, R. Gläser
Materials 10 (2017) 338

(196)“Structural, spectral and theoretical aspects in coordination of a triazine-based ligand toward lead(II) with holodirected environment”
F. Marandi, K. Moeini, B. Mostafazadeh, H. Krautscheid
Polyhedron 133 (2017) 146-154

(195)“Crystal structures of dibromido{N-pyridin-2-yl-κN)methylidene]picolinohydrazide-κ2N',O}cadmium methanol monosolvate and diiodido{N-[(pyridin-2-yl-κN)methylidene]picolinohydrazide-κ2N',O}cadmium“
A. A. Khandar, F. A. Afkhami, H. Krautscheid, K. A. Kristoffersen, Z. Atioglu, M. Akkurt, C. H. Gorbitz
Acta Cryst. E 73 (2017) 698-701

(194)“Triazolyl, Imidazolyl, and Carboxylic Acid Moieties in the Design of Molybdenum Trioxide Hybrids: Photophysical and Catalytic Behavior”
A. B. Lysenko, G. A. Senchyk, K. V. Domasevitch, M. Kobalz, H. Krautscheid, J. Cichos, M. Karbowiak, P. Neves, A. A. Valente, I. S. Goncalves
Inorg. Chem. 56 (2017) 4380-4394

(193)“Ultrasonic assistance syntheses of new nano-sized lead(II) coordination polymers: motifs for PbO preparation”
L. Hashemi, F. Marandi, A. Morsali, H. Krautscheid
J. Iran. Chem. Soc. 14 (2017), 1271-1279

(192)“Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Copper Zinc Phenylthiolate and the First Copper Zinc Selenolate and Tellurolate Complexes”
D. Fuhrmann, T. Severin, H. Krautscheid
Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 643 (2017) 932-937

(191)“Copper Zinc Thiolate Complexes as Potential Molecular Precursors for Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide (CZTS)”
D. Fuhrmann, S. Dietrich, H. Krautscheid
Chem. Eur. J. 23 (2017) 3338-3346

(190)”Crystal structure of bis{N’-[(E)-4-hydroxybenzylidene]pyridine-4-carbohydrazide-N1}diiodidocadmium methanol disolvate”
F. A. Afkhami, H. Krautscheid, Z. Atioglu, M. Akkurt
Acta Cryst. E 73 (2017) 28-30

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